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New Brand Onity Promises Ultimate Unity Of Service Integrity And Intelligent Facility Management
TESA Entry Systems' rebranding and repositioning as Onityhighlights company's evolution into a one-stop solutions shop centered on 'smart systems' and related value-added services

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ATLANTA — TESA Entry Systems, the world's leading provider of electronic locking systems, is proud to officially unveil its rebranding as Onity and to highlight several strategic growth and repositioning strategies intertwined with its mission evolving into a true one-stop solutions shop for intelligent facility management.

Developed in assistance with LANDOR Associates, the world's leading branding consultancy, the Onity brand name, corporate identity and expanded mission, better fit the company's recent extension of services and intelligent facility management solutions.

TESA Entry Systems began sowing the seeds to its expanded solutions and services business model several years ago, when it launched a complete range of electronic safes for guestrooms. In 2001, the company joined forces with PHILIPS to design and provide Closed Circuit TeleVision (CCTV) solutions specifically for the hotel industry worldwide. In 2002, TESA Entry Systems continued its progression toward becoming a one-stop shop for "smart facility" solutions by acquiring SENERCOMM, a leading global provider of energy management solutions for hotels. Other acquisitions and service and solution expansions are planned for the near future.

Click below link to listen to an interview with Pascal Metivier VP Global Sales & Marketing Onity - Discusses TESA's Rebranding Campaign to Onity

Pascal Metivier

Audio Interview w/ Pascal Metivier VP Global Sales & Marketing Onity - Discusses TESA Entry Systems' Campaign to Onity

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Created: Tuesday 1 October 2002

"If our roots are buried in the manufacturing of electronic locks, today our business is all about new growth fertilized by service," said Pascal Metivier, Onity Vice President - Global Sales & Marketing. "Today, we are the worldwide leader in what we do, this is not where we stop, this only the foundation of our growth.

"Today, we are anything but just an electronic lock manufacturer," Metivier said. "Consequently, our former name, TESA Entry Systems, felt like a suit that has become too tight. We strongly believe that the timing was perfect for us to have a new suit made and that LANDOR Associates was the best tailor for the job."

Growth through Change - When pointing to the major drivers behind this strategic corporate rebranding and repositioning, perhaps George Bernard Shaw summed it up best when saying: "Progress is impossible without change."

For decades, TESA Entry Systems has been the world's leading manufacturer of electronic locks for Hospitality, as well as other sectors such as Education, Corporate, Government and Marine. Through the years, as technologies became intertwined, the company expanded its services and solutions and blossomed into much more than just a lock maker.

Today, the company is a leading provider of a host of facility management technologies — from electronic locks and smartcard systems, to safes, Closed Circuit TeleVision surveillance and Energy Management Systems. Today, the firm is recognized worldwide for its powerful combination of innovative thinking and intelligent systems.

Today, the company is

Onity, Inc. wiwih

Turning on clients to the promises of progress, and unlocking the potential of partnering the very best minds and technologies.

One-Stop Shop - A key ingredient in TESA Entry Systems' longstanding success has been its willingness and ability to meet customers' expanding service and solution needs. The success of the company, and in large part that of its clients, would be limited if not for the company's core culture of embracing and pioneering change.

The world's No.1 electronic lock manufacturer has always taken the position that if you resists change, you are choosing to stand still — and if you stand still, it's only a matter of time before the competition and your customers pass you by. The company has long recognized the need for both small stepping stones and significant paradigm shifts, and its decision to change its name to Onity and reposition itself for the continued expansion of services, solutions and growth, represent a combination of both.

The company's rebranding as Onity represents an evolutionary change, underlining TESA Entry Systems' continued migration toward developing and delivering a host of innovative, intelligent facility management solutions. The repositioning as Onity, on the other hand, represents a revolutionary change — as the company is redefining both itself and customer expectations as a whole worldwide.

In an effort to truly differentiate itself from others that are more product-oriented and singular in vision, Onity is upping the value proposition through expanded service excellence. From product concept, development and testing, all the way through production, delivery, support and consulting, at Onity customer input is the key to unlocking the power of the company's talented minds and technologies.

Onity promises the ultimate unity of service integrity and intelligent facility management.

Get "turned on" to a true one-stop shop that delivers next-generation service standards and a host of innovative solutions. A longstanding global leader, Onity is committed to simplifying clients' purchasing and payables functions, while providing single-source accountability. Onity's ever-expanding breadth of products and services also works to streamline clients' communications needs and bolsters Return On Investment across the board, across the globe. The fact is that when a company such as Onity offers a full range of solutions, it naturally conducts more business with each client. As each party now has more vested in the other, an expanded partnership blossoms. Together, as true partners, Onity and its clients are uniquely positioned to work together to take service and product development and delivery to levels only before dreamed of.

Get "turned on" to unparalleled convenience and time and cost savings. "Turn on" Onity today to find success through progress. Find out why Onity can promise, and deliver, an ever-expanding family of intelligent systems — all designed, built and tuned with clients' close input at every turn, to exceed their every expectation.

Suited for Growth - With more than 2 million electronic locking systems installed in more than 16,000 hotels worldwide, TESA Entry Systems is a name with rich history and significant global recognition and brand equity. While the company realized a clear need to have a new, expanded service suit tailor-made, it took great care to partner with LANDOR, the world's leading rebranding/repositioning experts.

"It was critical that we partner with rebranding specialists of the caliber of LANDOR to ensure that our new corporate identity is closely intertwined with our expanded mission of delivering end-to-end services and innovative solutions for intelligent facility management," said Onity President & CEO Jude Plawecki.

LANDOR, the world's leading branding and design consultancy, has helped create some of the most enduring brands — from hotel chains such as Hilton, Hyatt and Doubletree, to major airlines, financial services, telecommunications, consumer products and global institutions such as the Olympic Games and the Nobel Prize. Founded in 1941, LANDOR pioneered many of the research, design and brand consulting methodologies that are today standard for the global branding industry.

LANDOR takes a holistic approach to brand creation and management to help companies build brand power and communicate with their audiences more effectively. At LANDOR, research and strategy drive branding, and consulting and design services include: Research, Corporate Identity, Brand Identity, Naming, Digital Branding and Branded Environments.

"This isn't just another name change; it's a complete global repositioning of a long-recognized worldwide leader," Plawecki said. "Together with LANDOR, we have invested significant time and resources in working with our clients, prospects, strategic partners, associates and stakeholders to hand tailor a suit that dresses our company for success through service integrity and intelligent solutions unity."

For Onity, expanded services include designing products with direct input from clients and their end-user customers, so that the company can best anticipate and respond to changing needs. Onity's unique end-to-end service model also includes an important consulting role for assisting designers, developers, architects, engineers and product specifiers in new construction, renovation and retrofit projects.

"We are reinforcing our commitment to our customers that anywhere in the world they can call on Onity, and we will be there to serve them today, tomorrow, and for many decades to come," Metivier said.

'Turning on' Onity - "We believe that successful brands begin with clear identification of their unique, ownable essence (their Brand Driver™) and are built by creating brand experiences that engage consumers. The result is brand preference," said Ralf Korbmacher, LANDOR Executive Branding Director.

"All research and strategy drivers point to existing and new markets being quickly 'turned on to Onity' because of the new brand's image ingenuity and continuity, as well as the company's service integrity and electronic solutions unity," Korbmacher said. "Onity is a name people will remember, trust and cling to — because the company's service-focused culture, innovative thinkers and intelligent technologies deliver a value proposition that's hard to forget."

LANDOR's Korbmacher said the TESA Entry Systems brand name limited the company because of its steep heritage in the locksmith industry. He said the company's name did not adequately reflect its evolution into a provider of a host of innovative solutions and services, and that it was time for change and synergistic growth.

"Onity has enormous upside for growth, as well as for delivering added value to current and future clients, because of the company's strong existing client relationships, vast experience and talented human capital, as well as the many significant synergies stemming from developing, delivering and supporting intertwined intelligent systems," Korbmacher said.

"As buildings in Hospitality, Education, Government and many other markets continue to move toward automated, synchronized management and maintenance systems, Onity will be well positioned to

'turn on' these markets to efficiencies and amenities only dreamed of up until now," he said.

Metivier concurred.

"Essentially, Onity is a service-based sunflower just now coming into full bloom," Metivier said. "Electronic locks represent just one of the many product petals of Onity. As we move forward, we will continue to expand our services and add product petals by developing and acquiring other innovative solutions for intelligent facility management.

"Just as we always tap clients' input when developing and fine-tuning our services and intelligent solutions, we turned to them when developing our new name and repositioning strategy," he said. "Dozens of clients worked closely with us and LANDOR on our Onity rebranding and repositioning. We are confident that these unique partnerships will yield expanded loyalty, efficiencies and opportunities for all involved as we continue to listen, learn, change and grow."

Onity, Inc. wiwihAbout Onity - Onity (formerly TESA Entry Systems) the leading global provider of electronic locking systems, offers innovative technological solutions and services for the Hospitality, Corporate, Education, Government and Marine markets. The company's ever-expanding family of electronic solutions today include electronic locks, related smartcard solutions, in-room safes, Closed Circuit TeleVision surveillance systems, and Senercomm energy management solutions. Onity has manufacturing operations in Spain, Mexico and the U.S., as well as an extensive sales and service network that spans more than 115 countries around the globe. With innovative solutions specially designed to meet clients' changing needs, Onity continues to provide real progress — technological advancements in facility management and maintenance for unparalleled convenience and time and cost savings.

Web Site:

Onity World Headquarters: Toll-free line 1-800-424-1433; phone 1-770-447-4105; e-mail:

For More Information, Contact: Pascal Metivier, VP of Global Sales and Marketing; Phone 1-770-582-8116; e-mail

Asia/Pacific Office: Phone ++61-293-160900; e-mail
Europe/Middle East/Africa Office: Phone ++34-943-448300; e-mail
Latin America Office: Phone ++55-113-0311909; e-mail
North America Office: Phone: 1-770-935-4228, e-mail:

About LANDOR - Founded in 1941 in San Francisco, LANDOR Associates is a company focused on consultancy and corporate image creation, drawing on more than 60 years' experience. In addition to its Madrid office, LANDOR operates 19 other offices around the world. The company's international clients include Microsoft, Alcatel, Pizza Hut and BP. In addition, LANDOR was creator of the official symbols of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, the 1998 Nagano and the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. In the U.S., hospitality leaders such as Hilton Hotels Corp., DoubleTree Hotels and Hyatt Hotels Corp. have turned to LANDOR to fine-tune their corporate images and branding strategies. For more information on the company, please visit

TESA is a licensed brand of Talleres de Escoriaza S.A.

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2232 Northmont Parkway
USA - Duluth, GA 30096
Tollfree: (866) 86-ONITY (6489)
Phone: (770) 497-3949
Fax: (770) 448-6305

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